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Where have I been? Re the Zine

I’ve been busy with Re the Zine recently, a print and online radical zine providing a platform for positive ideas for the future. The print edition comes out every 2 months with all original content, and 3 or 4 awesome arts features. It walks the fine line of being politically radical  - as anyone of … Continue reading

A Cautious Hurrah for Armpits4August

Whilst I frequently receive emails about a penis I don’t have, this morning I opened my inbox to find a message with a much less talked about body part in the subject line. “PITS4AUGUST” it read. A friend from uni had emailed a group of women on our course suggesting we take part in the … Continue reading

A Modern Day (Social Anthropology) Cinderella

An exclusive interview with the girl and guy behind a true tale of student romance involving a midnight encounter, mistaken identity, and 30 anonymous posters up around SOAS. Leah is a singer from America. She came to London to study at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance and had never set foot in School of … Continue reading

Gay Rights, Homophobia and Turkish Identity

Emails on Turkish Society Mailing List December 2011 On the 2nd of December 2011 the Turkish Society at SOAS sent out an email advertising a an event called “Ahmet Yıldız is my family: The struggle for LGBT freedom in Turkey”, about a young gay man who was killed by his father in Turkey in 2008. … Continue reading

Nigerian Independence

” For so long the state had been experienced as a foreign imposition that the people could not simply internalise its values as the sun dawned on October 1st 1960 and they were bequeathed an irrelevant cluster of British theories, models and values with which to make sense of their political freedom. ”  I’m doing … Continue reading

To cross or not to cross? SOAS students clash over picket lines

The entrance to SOAS was blocked from early morning to 5pm on Wednesday 30th November, in support of striking staff. Students expressed mixed views on the strike and public sector cuts, but for the most part the picket was upheld, and few people entered the building. Ernestine, a SOAS Student, explained that she had encountered … Continue reading

Strike Students let down by Dizzee

  An event featuring the Mercury prize-winning Dizzee Rascal and queer theorist Judith Butler was cancelled on Wednesday. The “teach-in” had been planned for Torrington Square, next to the picket at the entrance to Birkbeck, to coincide with the national day of public sector strike action. The event was organised by Bloomsbury Fightback. On 23rd … Continue reading

Amid university strikes, cleaners demand living wage

On Wednesday evening students and staff from the University of London protested outside the Malet St and Russel Square entrances to Senate House, to raise awareness of the Living Wage Campaign.  The Campaign is calling for cleaners at Senate House to be paid a living wage of £8.30 and receive sick pay. They currently receive … Continue reading

“Elements of Human Suffering and Joy”: SOAS Clowns Strike

Nine clowns from SOAS joined the march for public sector pensions this Wednesday. They could be seen on the grass by the Brunei Building at 12.30pm putting on face-paint, back-combing each others’ hair and arranging their feather boas. Asked if they had a plan, a gentleman with red hair in three spikes replied, “Emotional manipulation … Continue reading

Some facts to add to the rumours about water cannons

There’s a rumour going round that Police in London are prepared to use water cannon on today’s protesters. A brief search of online sources suggests that this is highly unlikely. I, of course, do not have privileged access to the internal memo’s that Laurie Penny (@pennyred on twitter) does, but I would hate anyone to … Continue reading


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